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    Hello, Manchester Staff Ltd have launched a free apprenticeship recruitment service for employers looking to employ apprentices in Manchester.

    We cover a broad range of office based sectors from administration & secretarial, sales & marketing, retail, sales & customer service, hospitality & catering, payroll & HR. Our marketing efforts are focused solely around the Greater Manchester area so we only source local jobs for local people.

    We leverage as many digital networks as possible to fill your vacancy. We advertise on our vast networks, filter CVs, pre-screen candidates, conduct telephone interviews, then arrange formal interviews. All for free!

    You can visit our site at www.manchesterstaff.com

    Local apprentice job seekers can search for apprenticeships in Manchester by clicking here and using our job search tool and can upload your CV to our database here.

    If you are a business in Manchester looking to employ an apprentice, feel free to contact me at any time.

    Kind Regards

    Dino Georgiou

    Manchester Staff Ltd
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    What is the starting wage for an apprentice these days?

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