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First day in the Printing and Design industry!


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I started my Apprenticeship in the Printing and Design sector today, had a little twist though!

I went to start my first day normally, I was starting an apprenticeship mainly in printing, handling the actual product and machinery, I was hoping eventually it would mean I could head down the design path, so I was going to grit my teeth and get by, even if I wasn't keen on it!

The other apprentice wasn't keen on her Business & Admin work, she wanted something more hands on, so they offered me her role. I wasn't too keen at first, purely because it wasn't what I applied for. However I can focus more in an office environment, so I gave it a go!

I enjoyed it, don't get me wrong and it's something I want my skills to grow in. I want to be more confident handling with customers, whether it be over the phone or via email.

I'm determined to one day become a successful entrepreneur, so I'm going to have to learn all I can to do with the (what everyone calls..) 'boring side'.

I'm enjoying it though, it's definitely an industry that a lot of apprenticeships are available in :)

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